Welcome to TriP’s documentation!

Have you ever worked with a robot with hydraulic actuators? Or ever have to compensate bad motors by having them moving the joint via a complicated linkage?

Then you have worked with a hybrid kinematic chain.

TriP is a python library designed to calculate the forward- and inverse-kinematics of such chains. Since hybrid chains are the most general type of rigid mechanism this includes almost all robots.


  • Model any robot (including closed and hybrid chains)

  • Generate symbolic representations of forward kinematics

  • Compute Jacobian matrices for differential kinematics

  • Compute the inverse kinematics of arbitrary rigid mechanisms

  • Compute the Inverse Kinematics in position and/or orientation

  • Support arbitrary joint types and quaternions

  • Includes several ready to use examples (TriPed robot, Excavator Arm)

  • TriPs validates the inverse kinematics algorithms with extensive testing using analytic solutions.

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